Top 5 Best Cat Litter for 2 Cats Reviews

cat litter for 2 catsDo you have more than one cat in your home? Well, if you have two cats living in your house, you need to consider litter product that will accommodate both cats while ensuring your home stays clean throughout. However, one crucial detail worth noting is that if you have two cats, you should have an extra litter box to make sure the cats have enough litter boxes to use.

Which are the best litter boxes for two cats, and what factors should one consider when buying litter for two cats? Well, this article details all the information you need to learn about the best cat litter for 2 cats and what to look out for when buying it.

What Is the Best Cat Litter For 2 Cats on the Market?

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How to Choose the Best Cat Litter for Two Cats?

cat litter for 2 cats

The type

There are two types of cat litters which are the clumping and non-clumping. The clumping litters are manufactured in a way that ones the cat urinates, and the litter immediately folds in the urine to form hard clumps. This is the most preferred litter for large cats or cats that often use the litter since they are durable such that; the cat can use the litter more than ones before cleaning.

The clumping litters are easy to clean since all you need to do is scoop the clumps when cleaning your litter box. The fact that the cat messes clumps to form hard and dry substances also prevent lousy odor from forming. The non-clumping litters, on the other hand, are like ash, whereby they naturally absorb the urine of the cat without forming hard substances.

The majority of people prefer this kind of litter since it is comfortable for all cats considering the litter stays smooth throughout. It is also cheaper compared to the clumping ones. However, the non-clumping litter is not durable since you have to keep on changing it when the cat urinates multiple times as it easily gets soiled. Also, this litter tends to track a lot, considering it may get stuck to the cats’ paws.

Picking clumping cat litter for 2 cats to use

Here is non-clumping cat litter to better absorb urine

Scented and non-scented litter

The cat litters are either scented or unscented to meet the needs of the customers. Some customers prefer the scented litter because it adds a beautiful scent to their homes while others do not select the strong scents found on the litters. Also, consider how your cat reacts to the scented litters since some may cause respiratory issues to the cats.

The scented cat litter to cover odor smell recommend

Pick the unscented cat litter for sensitive cats

Consider the texture

The other crucial factor to check out for is the texture of the litter. If the litter has small particles or is in dust form, chances of it tracking in the house are easy. Such litter gets stuck to the cat’s paws/furs or blows all around the house when pouring, and this can affect cats and people with respiratory issues in the place. If possible, consider the litter that has large particles since they have lesser tracking around the house.

The materials

The cat litters are made with different materials where some are made with synthetic materials, and others have natural ingredients. If your cats have the habit of ingesting anything they come into contact with, consider the litter made with raw materials for their safety in case they eat it. Also, the litters made with natural materials are perfect for the environment.



Best Cat Litter for 2 Cats Reviews

1. Best With Multi-cat Strength – Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Litter For 2 Cats

the best cat litter for 2 cats

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If you are looking for quality and durable clumping litter for your two cats, this premium clumping litter is an excellent choice. This litter does not have any dust residuals to ensure there is good breathability in the room.

Superior odour control

One feature that makes this the best litter for multiple cats is the superiority when it comes to controlling the odour. Therefore, even if you have adult cats living in the house, you will not have to worry about strong odour emission from the litter boxes as long you clean the litter boxes on time.

Easy clumping

Cleaning up the litter box is relatively easy with this litter. It immediately absorbs the cats’ urine to form large and hard clumps that are easy to scoop off. Also, this type of litter helps to prevent moisture from forming in the litter box.

Hypoallergenic natural materials

If you are allergic to dust, this litter is right for you to since it has almost zero dust to prevent respiratory issues when adding to the litter box.


  • This litter does not track
  • The litter has 99.9 hypoallergenic and natural materials
  • Cleaning the litter is easy
  • The formed clumps are super hard for easy cleaning


  • This litter forms super hard clumps that may be uncomfortable to the pets


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


2. Best Scented – World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Litter

best cat litter for 2 cats

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Are you looking for a way to add a fresh smell to the area where you have put the cat litter box? Well, get this litter for your cats. The litter is suitable for multiple cats because it has high absorbency level, plus it can control the odour from the box.


The litter is relatively light in weight for convenience, mainly if you use it with kittens. Also, the lightweight makes it easy to flush the litter in the toilet.

Natural materials

Although this litter is scented, rest assured it is safe for people or cats allergic to strong smells. The litter has a natural scent and materials to ensure this.

Quick clumping

If you have more than one cat in the house, then rest assured the litter boxes will be used often. Therefore, you need the litter that clumps easily for convenient control of the urine when the cats use the litter box. Well, this litter offers just that and more.


  • The litter is easy to scoop when cleaning
  • The litter has a natural and sweet smell
  • It is safe for human and animals
  • This litter does not track at all


  • This litter is not cheap


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


3. Best Easy Clean-up – Arm and Hammer Platinum Slide Cat Litter For 2 Cats

premium cat litter for cats

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If you are looking for quality cat litter without breaking your bank account, this is the right choice. The litter is affordable plus weighs 37 pounds each pack. Hence, it will last you for a while.

Non-stick litter

This litter clumps easily while forming hard substances, and therefore cleaning it is easy, and it does not stick to the animal furs.

EZ clean technology patent

Emptying this litter from the litter box pan is relatively smooth since it slides off the pan when cleaning or eliminating the litters.

Controls odour

When it comes to odour control for homes with more than one cat, this cat litter has ten times more power. So, you don’t have to worry about a foul odour coming from the cat litter box or spreading in the room where you put the litter boxes.


  • This litter keeps home odour-free for a week
  • The litter does not stick for easy cleaning
  • The litter is durable especially for people with two cats


  • This cat litter is scented


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats



4. Best For Odor Control – Purina Tody Cats Clumping Litter

best clumping cat litter for 2 cats

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Keep the litter boxes of your two cats fresh and clean for an entire day with this cat litter. The litter is powerful to eliminate foul odour for a whole day.


The litter is suitable for multiple cats since a package comes with four pails to last you for a long time.

High absorbency

This litter is made with clay material that immediately absorbs the cats’ urine to prevent it from spreading on the litter box.

Controls the odour

This litter has high absorbency whereby it also absorbs terrible odour for a whole day.


  • The litter is durable
  • The litter keeps the litter box clean and odour free for a whole day
  • The litter quickly absorbs the urine from the cats


  • This litter is made of clay which means that it requires regular changing


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats



5. Best Unscented – Cat’s Pride Hypoallergenic Multi-cat Litter

using cat litter for 2 cats

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If your pet is allergic to strong or scented litters, this right here is the perfect choice of litter worth buying.

99 dust-free

If you have any respiratory issue or allergy to dust, this litter suits you best. It has 99 percent of dust-free ingredients to ensure your safety and the safety of your house. This also means you will experience less tracking in the house.


The lightweight design of the litter makes it the right choice for elderly cats or kittens since it does not cause any bulkiness when they move around


The lack of strong scents on this litter provides a comfortable environment for the pet and people who don’t like strong smells.


  • This litter is lightweight
  • You can use it if you have dust or strong scent allergy
  • The litter does not track or blow away
  • The litter helps to control the odour at the cast areas


  • This litter does not clump well and may stick to cats fur or feet


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


What Makes a Cat Litter Suitable For 2 Cats?

best clumping cat litter for 2 cats

High absorbency level

The cat litters made for more than one cat have too high absorbency as compared to other models. This is because you are not guaranteed the cat will stick to using one litter box and thus, to prevent soiling the room, in case you are not around the litters are quite absorbent. The litters for 2 cats clumps fast when the cat urinates and makes it easy to clean and remove the clumps from the box.

Superior in odor control

Having two cats living under the same roof means having to deal with the double odor. Thus, whichever litter you buy for two cats or more should be able to control the strong odor coming from the litter boxes. The litters for two cats are crafted with strong chemicals that neutralize the smell from the cat messes to prevent it from spreading in the entire house. However, keep in mind that the high absorbency level of the cat litters goes hand in hand with odor control.

Minimal tracking and low dust level

The other feature that defines suitable litter for multiple cats is the materials. A litter that has a low dust level and does not the truck is safe for cats and the people living in the house. Minimal dust ensures there is no much dust blowing in the room when you pour the litter into the litter box. Less tracking ensures your home stays clean since the litter does not get stuck on the cats’ paws or furs.

Three Types of Litters for 2 Cats or Multiple Cats Use


Clay cat litters have been in the market for a long time and were the first to be used. The clay litters are preferred because they are super cheap as compared to other types. Also, the clay litter works by absorbing the urine and separating it as well. Other than this, clay litters are perfect for controlling lousy odor that may be coming from the cat litter box effectively. Clay litters are the most recommendable for the kitten as the large granules are difficult to ingest.

Silica gel crystal

This type of litter is highly suitable for large cats due to the high absorbency level. If you need cat litter that will last you for a while before replacement, I would suggest you get the silica gel crystal. The silica gel crystal is made with sodium silicate sand that is infused with oxygen and water. The results are large silica granules with large pores essential for absorbing the urine from the cats. The silica gel crystal has the power to absorb up to 40 percent of urine than other models making it perfect for multiple cats.

Natural and biodegradable

If you are looking for cat litter that is safe for the environment and super easy to dispose of after cleaning, well natural and biodegradable is the best option. This type of litter is made with raw materials that are safe for humans and the environment at large. This means that you can easily flush down the litter in your toilet when disposing of, thus lessening the amount of litter going to the land. If your cat has an allergy to strong scents or chemicals, the perfect litter option is the biodegradable litters as they feature no substances or strong fragrances.


How often should you change litter for two cats?

This is highly determined by how often the cats use the litter boxes and the kind of litter you use too. For non-clumping litter, it is recommendable that you change the litter at least twice or thrice a week. But, if your cat tends to soil the litter quite often, you may need to change it regularly.

If you are using the clumping litters, it is recommendable that you consider changing the litter maybe once a week. However, you may need to keep on scooping the clumps from the litter box to provide a comfortable resting place for your cats.

Do I need multiple litter boxes?

The answer is absolute yes!

Make sure each cat has its litter box and one extra for the house. A third litter box is recommendable to prevent crowding in case one cat wants to use a cleaner litter box. This means that you will not have to worry about your house stinking or being dirt. Having more litter boxes works as a back-up plan when you are not around. You can comfortably leave your cats unattended for an entire day since they use other litter boxes around when ones get soiled.

How much cat litter is needed for two cats?

The size and age determine the amount of litter you require for the cat. On average, a small kitten uses around 7 pounds a week, which equals to 28 pounds a month. Larger or adult cats may use about 10 pounds of litter weekly, which sums up to 40 litters in a week. Again, keep in mind the amount depends on how often the cats use the litter boxes.



If you have two or more cats, make sure to look for cat litter designed for multiple cats. The litter for two cats ensures the room remains neutral and fresh for a long time when not around. The litters are made with different materials to fit various users. If you have an allergy to dust or strong scents, choose the litter that clumps and does not have a scent.