The 5 Best Litter Box for Sphynx Cats Reviews of 2021

best litter box for sphynx catsSphynx cat is a breed of cat with a hairless body due to the genetic mutation and they are the most sensitive, friendly, intelligent, and emotional breed of cats that requires maximum attention.

Therefore, when it comes to their litter box you will need the best one that is fit for their unique behavior. To cut the story short, this article provides the best litter box for sphynx cats reviews and buying guides.


What is the Best Litter Box for Sphynx Cats?


Is There Any Difference in Selecting Litter Box for Sphynx Cat?

best litter box for sphynx cats

Yes. Sphynx cats are the most sensitive cats and they have a habit of not hiding or covering their urine and poop after they are done with their business and do not remove residues in their paws. Secondly, their poop smells so bad, they poop often due to high metabolism rate and they have a sensitive digestive system.

Therefore, due to that reason you will require a self-cleaning cat litter box, is designed with a mechanism that removes or scrap off residues of litters in the cats’ paws, or uses a dust-free litter to prevent tracking cat paws on the floor and also has a mechanism that can contain/control odor efficiently to prevent the spread of the cats’ litter smell in the house.


How to Choose Litter Box for Sphynx Cats?

best ;itter box for large cats

As mentioned above sphynx cats are the most sensitive cats and they do not like being alone the time; thus you will always find them closure to you for warmth and affection, but you should be careful since they will leave some smelly stains in your clothes since they do not have hide or cover their feces and do not remove residues in their feet. Therefore it is important to consider the following guidelines whenever you want to purchase or replace their litter box to avoid such situations, these include;

• Auto-self-cleaning Mechanism.

best litter box for sphynx catsThe best cat litter box for sphynx cat should be installed with an automatic self-cleaning mechanism that allows the litter box to clean itself regularly after the cat is done with the call of nature. Therefore, you should consider this factor because sphynx cats do poop often thus it will help in containing the bad smell from the litter box from spreading in the room.

Furthermore, the auto-self-cleaning litter box is efficient and economical since it offers you the easy time to scoop the waste and leaves behind the unused litter thereby saving on the cost of buying cat litter frequently and relieves the burden of cleaning the litter box for several weeks.

The automatic self-cleaning cat litter box also allows you to use it for multiple cats since it ensures the litter box is clean immediately after the cat leaves the box; thus, creating a conducive environment for other Sphynx cats to use it without noticing that they are sharing it.

• Odor-free.

Due to their high sensitivity and affectionate nature, the sphynx will require high maintenance of hygiene and attention. Therefore, whenever you purchase their litter box it is vital to consider the one that has an odor-control mechanism such as a carbon filter or is treated with anti-microbial protection that prevents odor-causing bacteria and stains; thus, extending the litters lifespan and keeps the litter box odor-free and let your home smelling good and welcoming.

• Accessible and Patented. (High Wall or with Enclosure)

best litter box for Sphynx CatsA cat litter box for sphynx cat should be designed with a lower entrance end for it to be easily accessible to accommodate all cats despite their age and its walls should be patented (high walls) or deep enough to contain the litter in one place and prevent the litter from scattering whenever the cat leaves the litter box and to guarantee their privacy while in the litter box. Besides, the edges of the litter box should not be designed with sharp edges or corners for the safety of the sphynx cats since their furless body is sensitive.

• The Quality of Material Used to Construct the Litter Box.

The litter box for the Sphynx cat should be constructed from a high-quality material that is durable, non-sticking, and non-odor-absorbing. This will help in controlling the odor, allows you to clean and refill the litter box quickly and easily. Secondly, its lining should be leak-proof to prevent leakage of the urine on the floor to control odor and ensure proper hygiene maintenance.

• Size.

Generally, cats are well known to mind a lot about their grooming and having a comfortable space conducting their business; hence, you should pick a cat litter box that is spacious enough for them to use it comfortably without straining or feeling limited from using it since sphynx cats do love their privacy to prevent them from peeing at inappropriate points in your house. This will also play a great deal in their manners and keep your home smelling fresh.


Best Litter Box for Sphynx Cats Reviews

1. Best Easy Cleaning – PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Sphynx Cats

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box

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PetSafe is an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box that automatically removes cat’s wastes relieving you the burden of frequently cleaning and refilling the litter box for several weeks and saves a lot of time. This is because it has a rake scoop that scoops the solid waste beneath the waste trap and it features a safety sensor that automatically stops the rake if the cat is in the box while attending to its business. Whenever you feel like cleaning or refilling the cat litter in the box you simply remove the tray and throw it away and each tray includes a lid for quick disposal.

The cat litter is highly efficient at absorbing the urine and dehydrates the solid waste and it features a covered waste trap that ensures the cat waste is contained in the litter box; thus helping to keep the smelly waste out of sight. The disposable cat trays have a plastic lining to prevent leakage and keep the floor clean. Besides, the cat litter is 99% dust-free, meaning; you won’t be able to track the cat’s paws on the floor; thus helping to keep your floor clean 24/7.

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2. Best for Senior Sphynx Cats – PetFusion Large Cat Litter Box with a Low-entry for Easy Accessing

PetFusion Large Cat Litter Box

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PetFusion cat litter box is an open-top box that measures 22.6” by 18.1” by 8.0 “; large and spacious enough for the cat to do his business comfortably with much privacy. The litter box is designed with high walls that help to contain the litter and it has a low entry that allows it to be used by cats of all ages and the curves are spacious to make scooping/cleaning easier. The cat litter box is made from high-quality plastic that is durable and rigid than polypropylene and, it is a non-stick coating making it hygienic and easier to clean.

Furthermore, the cat litter is unscented with natural ingredients, hard clumping, and 99% dust-free and efficient is control odor; therefore, you need not worry about cleaning the floor immediately after the cat leaves the box and your home is always smelling fresh.

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3. Best Durable – iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel XL Litter Box for Large Sphynx Cats

iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

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iPrimio is an Extra Large stainless steel cat litter box that comes with a detachable enclosure that fits easily in the litter box to contain the litter and to ensure the safety of the cat while on a call of nature. The stainless litter box is long-lasting, non-sticking, rust-free, and does not absorb any odor making it the best compared to plastic box litter and easy to clean and scoop the cat litter. Besides, the litter box is ergonomically designed with rounded edges for safety and it has a low entry which allows it to be used by small cats and old cats because it is easy to access.

The stainless pan itself is 23.5” long by 15.5” wide by 6” deep and the detachable enclosure is 6” high to prevent spillage to contain cat’s wastes and urine in place, provides privacy for the sensitive cats, and to give you an easy time to clean/scoop the litter box.

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4. Best for Sensitive Cats – IRIS Top Entry Private Litter Box for Sphynx Cats

IRIS Top Entry Private Litter Box

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IRIS cat litter box is unique, stylish, and cylindrical designed with a high wall that is 14.56 deep with a lid top made of non-skidding rubber for safe entry and gives your sphynx privacy. The cylindrical cat litter box comes with a litter scoop that is hanged outside the litter box for easy cleaning or removal of the cat wastes and the litter box is deep enough to prevent the litter from scattering whenever the cat leaves the litter box.

IRIS is the best cat litter that you won’t have trouble with dogs since it is designed in a way that prevents the dogs from messing with the cats’ business or with the litter. Besides, its lid is grooved to scrap off the litters from the cat’s paws which helps in maintaining your house hygiene.

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5. Best Scoop Free – Pet Mate 42036 Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan with Durable Plastic

best litter box for Sphynx Cats

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PetMate 42036 is a cat litter box that is constructed from durable plastic and comes with 1 sifting pan and 2 regular pans. PetMate is designed with a unique sifting litter pan that allows the litter to pass through easily and quickly thereby economizing on litter and making it scoop-free while cleaning the solid waste since it leaves behind the solid litter. The sifting litter eliminates and saves on expenses from using poop scoopers, training pads, rakes, waste bags, pans, litter boxes, and litter.

The bottom of the litter box is reinforced to hold up the lifting heavier amount of litter and the litter box is treated with microban for built-in anti-microbial protection that prevents odor-causing bacteria and stains; thus, extending the litters lifespan and keeps the litter box odor-free and your home smelling good and welcoming. Furthermore, the litter box is open and low for easy accessibility and to accommodate all cats of all ages.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

suitbale litter box for sphynx cats

1. How to take care of Sphynx Cat?

Sphynx cats their popularity surface in early 1960, but due to their hairless fur body, they require high maintenance attention because of their sensitive personality. Therefore for them to survive and be healthy under you’re your watch you should do the following necessities for them, these include;

-Maintain their diet

Sphynx cats do produce a lot of fat which if not fed the right diet in can lead to an accumulation of fats which is a predisposing factor for skin problems, ear wax, and other infections. Thus, you are required to give them high-quality food with the right amount of balance diet to control the amount of oil that sphynx skin produces.

– Clean or ensure to bathe her once or twice a week.

Diet plays a big role in controlling the sphynx greasiness but does not guarantee 100% removal of the fats on their skin so they will occasionally need a bath to get rid of the accumulated grease and dirt, but you should not bath her often because her skin will dry out. While bathing she uses a cat shampoo that is gentle, soap-free, and is made from natural ingredients.

Always remember to clean and remove excess wax in their ears since sphynx are prone to ear infections and you should also pay keen attention to their paws since grime also accumulates between their paws and can cause infections too. After you are done bathing the sphynx you should dry her off immediately with a soft, warm towel to prevent the skin from getting chapped.

– Ensure regular screening for heart issues

Sphynx are prone to develop genetic health problems mostly heart muscle conditions that make their heart abnormally thicker. Therefore it is strongly recommended to have them regularly checked up and screened for heart issues as they get older.

– Regular dental cleanings

Sphynx does have a terrible dental system which is prone to dental issues like their furless body; hence, you will be required to often clean its dental, and if their weak teeth it will require to be extracted.

– Protect them against extreme temperatures

If you want to own a Sphynx cat it is worth noting that they are sensitive when exposed to extreme temperatures, for instance; do not let them outdoors since too much sunlight energy can result in sunburn since they are furless with a lot of grease on their skin.

Secondly, you should ensure that they are clothed to keep them warm if the temperatures are low and ensure she sleeps in the cat bed and is covered with something that will provide her with enough warmth. However, you should wash fairly the cat’s apparel often because they absorb the oil from their skin to keep from getting grungy.


2. How often should I change and clean the litter box for Sphynx Cat?

The litter box for Sphynx cat should be changed and washed after 14-21 days, but if you have more than one cat the changing and cleaning should be done strictly after 14 days. The reason you should adhere to those days is for sanitary reasons and both cat and human wellness.



Sphynx cats are the best friends that will keep you company every time you ate lonely because they are emotional as you; thus you are required to take of them with much care and also to keep your home hygienically safe for the wellness of your cat and you, but all these begin if you invest into the best cat litter box for Sphynx Cats reviewed above.