How to Keep Kitty Litter Off the Floor?

Having the right litter in your home for cleanliness is one thing, but keeping the house or the room clean, especially with a kitty, is another job altogether. Kitties tend to be a bit playful and messy. You may find them playing with the litter or even track it around the house when they access different areas in the room. Well, the last thing you want is to find your carpet full of cat litter. To avoid the tracking and litter messes on your floor, here is a guide on preventing this from happening.

keep cat litter off the floor

Ways on How to Keep Litter Off the Floor?

Choose the right location

The first thing you need to look into is the area to put the litter box. Kitties, or preferably cats, have different preferences when it comes to using their litter boxes. Some cats prefer privacy, while others prefer a litter box being put where they can see you. If a cat finds the litter box in a place that they don’t like, they will do anything to change it, and this includes dragging the litter box around to their preferred location. In return, this leaves a huge mess on the floor as the litter may pour when the cat is pushing it.

Other than this, you need to choose an area that is not too enclosed in the house. For example, do not put the litter box in an area where the cat has to walk a long distance to access the litter box. Make sure it is placed in an easy to access location and a place near to the door.

Buy non-tracking litter

You are not guaranteed that the kitty will exit the house once it uses the litter box. Cats love staying close to people, and if it sees you relaxing in the living room, rest assured that it will come to you. In this case, choose a litter that does not track. Clay litters are the most popular cat litter considering they are cheap and have an excellent absorbency level. But the fact that this type of litter does not clump makes it to track in the room.

However, there are still some brands of clay litters that have minimal dust levels. Choose a litter with minimal dust to prevent it from pouring all over the floor when the cat walks. Ensure the litter you buy is indicated to be 99 percent dust-free.

Recommended non-tracking cat litters for dust-free performance

Choose a large litter box

Litter boxes come in varying sizes to accommodate different sizes of cats. Do not underestimate the size of your kitty and end up buying a small litter box. Keep in mind that the kitty is growing, and thus needs a litter box that it can grow with. The litter may track all over the floor when the kitty tries to squeeze its body in the litter box to use.

Some cats like to relax for a while in a litter box, so the more it squeezes the body to fit, the more litter will fall from the edges. So, ensure you buy a litter box that is enough for your kitty and avoid buying too large litter boxes that your kitty has to struggle to get inside.

Top Pick Large Litter Box Recommend For Multiple Cats to Use

Consider the litter boxes with litter tracker.

You may need to train your pet to use this litter box, but it is worth it. These litter boxes are fitted with a litter tracker on one edge of the box, which automatically traps the litter from the pet paws when cats walk it. With this type of litter box, you need to train your kitty to leave the litter box using that edge or place the tracking towards the exit side that the kitty tends to use.

Advanced Cat Litter Box with Litter Tracker 

Invest in litter mats

The other method that is effective in controlling the litter tracking on the floor is the litter mats. The litter mats are uniquely designed to contain the litter from your cat’s fur and paws when it steps on the carpet. Choose a rug that extends further on the floor, depending on where you choose to put the litter box. Choose a mat that does not absorb the litter for easy cleaning and ensure it is comfortable to the cats’ paws.

Recommended Cat Litter Mats to Absorb Dropping Cat Litter

Put the litter box in an enclosed area.

If your kitty loves privacy when doing her business, then this tip will work for you. You can create a private place that is concealed to keep the litter box. Ensure the covered area you build for your kitty is large and has enough space where it can relax for a while. A large concealed area also provides space for containing the litter from reaching other parts of the floor.

Try out covered litter boxes

This litter box model is the best choice if you realize the litter is pouring around the litter box. Although buying large litter boxes may prevent this, purchasing a concealed litter box is a better option. Such a litter box has walls on the sides; you don’t need to worry about the litter pouring from the sides even when the kitty plays with the waste. However, ensure the litter box has ventilation to prevent foul odor from accumulating in the box. Cats also like staying in a clean environment, and if they find the litter box with a foul odor, they may avoid it.

Picking the top-rated covered cat litter box to prevent foul odor

Invest in a good vacuum

Having a good floor vacuum machine at hand is another excellent and recommendable method for maintaining a clean and litter-free floor. It would help if you vacuumed the floor or the area near the litter box daily regularly in a day to ensure the litter does not blow around the room.


If you notice litter blowing all around the house when the kitty uses the litterbox, these are the top methods that you can use to contain it. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to maintain a house with litter, especially with a kitty, but these methods will help minimize litter falling off around the floor. Find the strategies that work for you, depending on the age and the size of the kitty.