Top 6 Best Cheap Kitty Litter Reviews

best kitty litter reviewsAre you looking for the best kitty litter on a budget? Well, the cat litters are made with different ingredients that determine the prices. This means that you can still get quality and reliable litter safe for your home and kitten at a low budget. With the different kitten litter brands on the market, sometimes it is easy to end up buying the wrong litter for your little pet.

And if you have ever had this issue, this is the right article to read. We will guide you on methods to use when choosing the kitty litter and provide a review of the top best kitten litters on the market.

What Is the Best Cheap Kitty Litter on the Market?

Top 6 Best Cheap Kitty Litter Worth Buying


How to Choose the Best Cheap Kitty Litter?

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The materials

The kitty litters are made with varying materials, including corn, pallete, clay, and silica crystals. When it comes to price, clay litters are the most affordable litters among other brands. The clay has a high absorbency and works fast to prevent urine from spreading in the litter box. However, clay litters may not work for some cats since the litters are dusty.

The functioning of the litter

This is one feature that most cat owners overlook when choosing litters for their kitties. Although the kitties are small, the urine may also produce an unpleasant smell, especially when you keep the litter for long before cleaning. Therefore, when choosing the litter, make sure it has high power for controlling the smell in the litter box. It is still comfortable and possible to find affordable kitty litters that have high odor control mode.

Clumping and non-clumping

The clumping litters are excellent when it comes to adult cats. The clumping litters have a high absorbency level, and cleaning the litter box is smooth. But when it comes to kittens, some clumping litters may not work. Some kitties may refuse to use litters that have clumps, and in some cases, may feel uncomfortable lying on the hard clumps.

However, there are still clumping litters that form softer clumps and are easy to clean too. So, be careful when choosing the clumping litter for your little pet.

Go for unscented

Scented litters work magic in adding a touch of the beautiful smell in the room, mostly where you have set up the litter box. But kitties may react to the scents infused in some litters. Some customers may develop abdominal or respiratory complications when they use scented litters. So, when it comes to kitties, try and avoid the scented models.

The price

The cheap kitty litters retail at different prices depending on the brand, amount, and even the uses. Consider your budget when choosing the litter to make sure you don’t go over the budget, and you do not overlook the importance of buying the litters.


Top 6 Best Cheap Kitty Litter Reviews

1. Best Scented – Fresh Step Litter with the Power of Febreze

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If you occasionally forget to tend to your kitty’s litter regularly, this s a good option for litter. The litter keeps the litter box free of odor for ten good days.

Quick and effective clumping

Cleaning your litter box takes a few minutes since this litter clumps on coming to contact with wetness. It immediately clumps when the kitty urinates for comfortable scooping the litter to clean.

Low dust

If your kitty or a member of your family has a respiratory issue or has an allergy to dust, this litter is a safe option. The low dust content ensures there is less dust blowing in the room for your kitten’s safety and safety.

Superior odor control

This litter is infused with high technology that helps to neutralize the smell coming from the litter box. The litter keeps the litter box clean and free from odor for a whole week, making it a perfect choice for people with busy schedules.


  • Cleaning the litter is easy and fast
  • The litter blocks away from the odor for 10good days
  • The litter has low contents of dust
  • This litter is quite affordable


  • This litter is scented and may not work for kittens allergic to strong scents


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2. Best Clumping – Dr. Elsey’s Premium Cat Litter For Kitty

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If you are looking for affordable and durable kitten litters, this model is the right choice. The litter packet consists of 18 pounds of litter that can last you roughly for three weeks.

Non-tracking and less dust clay materials

Although this kitty litter may produce some dust when adding to your litter box, it is not something to worry about. The litter may consist of residuals of clay dust but does not truck even when your kitty uses the litter box multiple times a day.

High clumping mode

This litter immediately clumps when the kitty urinates to dry up the urine and prevent foul odor. Note that you can stay for a day before cleaning the litter box since it does not quickly produce a foul odor.


This litter is suitable for kitties with allergies to smells and scents. It naturally controls the odor around the litter box.


  • This litter has a powerful odor control mechanism
  • The litter is 99.9 percent dust-free
  • The litter easily clumps to control smell and for easy cleaning of the litter box
  • The litter is not scented


  • Although this litter clumps to collect the urine, it does not harden the clusters, and thus they may stick on kitty’s fur


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3. Best Odor Control – Fresh Step Advanced Clean Paws Clumping

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If you are looking for a kitty litter that will boost fresh smell around the area you have kept the litter box, I would recommend this model from Fresh step. The litter box is scented, so rest assured it will keep the room smelling fresh longer.

Low dust content

This litter is made 99 percent dust-free to ensure your respiratory and that of your kitty is intact throughout.

Long term odor control

Do you plan to change the litter after a few days? Well, this litter is quite powerful in controlling odor as it keeps the area smelling fresh and free from urine odor for ten days.

Clumping technology

The clamping technology equipped with this litter locks in liquid to prevent spreading in the litter box and easy cleaning the litter.


  • The litter is scented to provide a natural and sweet smell in the room
  • You can leave the litter for ten days
  • The litter has low residuals of dust


  • The clump may stick on the litter box


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4. Best Lightweight – Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter

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If you have more than one kitten, this litter from Purina Tidy is the best option. The litter keeps the litter boxes fresh and clean for a long. The litter is powerful to eliminate lousy odor for 24 hours.

• Durable

The litter is suitable for multiple kittens since a package comes with 35 pounds of litter to last you for a long time.

• High absorbency

This litter is made with clay material that immediately absorbs the cats’ urine to prevent it from spreading on the litter box.

• Controls the odor

This litter has high absorbency whereby it also absorbs terrible odor for a whole day.


  • The litter is durable
  • The litter keeps the litter box clean and odor-free for an entire day
  • The litter quickly absorbs the urine from the cats


  • This litter is made of clay, which means that it requires regular changing


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5. Best Low Dust – Fresh Step Lightweight Clumping Cat Litter

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One of the unique ingredients found in this litter is activated charcoal capable of absorbing the odor coming from the litter box and preventing it from spreading in your house.

Easy to empty

This litter easily clumps to form hard balls that can easily scoop off the litter box during the cleaning time.


Pouring this litter into the cat litter box and even scooping from the litter box is comfortable for all. The lightweight design ensures the comfort of the user when scooping it.

Low dust

Another feature that qualifies this litter the best for a kitten is low dust level materials. So, you don’t have to worry about the litter affecting your kitten’s respiratory system since it has less dust blow. This also reduces tracking in the room.


  • The litter is light in weight
  • It keeps the room odor-free for ten days
  • The litter is scoopable for easy cleaning
  • The litter consist of low dust level


  • This is quite expensive


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6. Best Low Dust – Purina Tidy cats Instant Action Clumping Litter

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If you are looking for quality litter for kittens who often use the litter box, you need this excellent cat litter from Purina. It has an immediate effect whereby it automatically clumps to contact the cat urine for easy cleaning.


You will stay for a while before you think of buying a new litter for your kitten since this package is large to last longer.

Ten days odor control effect

If you don’t want a litter that requires changing often, Purina has you in mind. This litter stays around ten days fresh while ensuring your home does not have an awful odor experience.

Strong clumps

Unlike other clay litters that form clumps that are hard to scoop from the litter box, this model forms hard clumps easy to mine from the litter box to clean.


  • This litter will last longer than some models
  • The litter has low dust to minimize tracking in the house
  • It has powerful odor control that lasts for ten days
  • The clumps are easy and fast to scoop from the litter box


  • Although this litter forms large and hard clumps, sometimes the cats may be uncomfortable maneuvering around to use the litter box.


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How Much is Cheap Kitty Litter?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of the kitten litters. These factors range from the brand, size of the package, and even the type of litters. For example, if you want to buy kitty litter that clumps, the price will be higher than the non-clumping litter.

This is because the clumping litters are durable and can be used more than the non-clumping models. The kitty litters’ price ranges from as low as 1.5 dollars per pound and above, applying all the cost determinant factors.


What Is In Kitty Litter?

The kitty litters are made with “safe” materials such that even if the kitten ingest the litter, it will be safe. Also, some materials are large and hard, so the kitten cannot quickly swallow them. The common materials used in making the kitty litters are clay, pellets from recycled papers, and silica crystals.

best cheap kitty litters


Clay is recommendable for a high absorption level to keep the litter box clean and prevent soiling.


The pallets made of recycled papers are super safe for pets since they do not have any dust. The fact that this type of litter does not have artificial additives makes it safe.

Silica-based crystal

The silica-based crystals feature large granules and are large, so the pet does not ingest them. They do not track or have a high content of dust for their safety too.


What is the Best Kind of Kitty Litter to Use?

Odor controller litters

Although kitties are small and their urine is not much as compared to the adult cats, you still need to make sure your home stays clean and free from odor all the time. So, choose the kitty litter that helps to control and neutralize odor.


The best litters for kitties are the models made with natural materials or that have less dust. The dusty litter may be harmful to your kitty and cause respiratory issues when it lies in the litter box.

Natural materials litter

The litters made of natural materials are super safe, especially if your kitten is at the stage of ingesting things they come to contact with. The safety of your kitten is guaranteed in case it eats the litter.


What is the Difference Between Kitty Litter and Adult Cat Litter?

how to choose kitty litter

The kitty litters are made with soft and unscented materials. Too hard scoopable litters may not work for kitty considering their skin is delicate and sensitive. They may feel uncomfortable lying on hard rocky substances, especially after messing on the litter box.

But, keep in mind that there are still clumping litters safe for kitties. On the other hand, the hard clumping litters are the best for adult cats to ensure reasonable control and high absorbency of urine around the litter box. The adult litters clumps to form hard balls that are easy to scoop.


Is Cheap Kitty Litter Bad for Kitty’s Health?

Does this depend on the materials the litter is made of? The clay litters may be cheap but have a high dust content that may cause respiratory issues to the kittens. So, avoid them if necessary.



Can large cats use kitty litter?

No! The kitty litters are only designed to handle less urine content. They thus may not work for adult cats, not unless you are okay changing the litter occasionally, probably twice a day.

How often should I change my kitty litters?

This depends on the kind of litter you use and how often the cat uses the litter box. If you are working with clay litter, you may need to change the litter twice of thrice a week if the cat uses the litter box often. But, the clumping litters for kitties may last for a week before changing. Again all this depends on how often the kitty uses the litter box.



If you are looking for litter suitable kitties, these the top six best models worth checking out. These litters are comfortable to clean since they are scoopable when cleaning. The litters are quite affordable and durable, mainly if you are buying for the smallest kittens. For new pet owners, use the above buying guide to help you choose the right litters for your little pet.