How Often Should You Change Out All the Kitty Litter?

Cats have to use the bathroom and their litter box is no different than our toilets. The only difference is that pet owner are responsible for “flushing” the waste materials from their litter units. Cat owners might have wondered about how often should you change out all the kitty litter and the following material will give you the answer.

how often should you change kitty litter

The Importance of Scooping Litter Boxes

Kitty litter scoops were specifically designed to keep you from constantly cleaning litter boxes. Kitty litter scoops are sifters. They were made for litter to run through the tool while waste material is taken out of the litter box. If kitty litter scoops did not have holes, slits, and open grooves; cat owners would literally be throwing out good kitty litter from boxes.

Any cat owner that shovels out good litter are going to spend more money on keeping their cat clean. This is a fact. Kitty litter scoops were designed to be sifters to avoid this problem. Pet parents will spend up to 4x’s more on their cat’s litter if they did not have sifting scoops.

Pet parents would ultimately pay hundreds of dollars each month to take care of a cat. That amount of money for keeping a cat’s litter box is senseless and unnecessary. Kitty litter scoops help to save pet owners lots of money with litter expenses and they make it easier to keep the litter box clean.


What Would Happen if Cat Owners Dumped Their Litter Boxes All the Time Instead of Using a Scoop?

how often should you change litter box

There are some cat owners who simply dump their cat’s filthy litter into a wastebasket or down a toilet. They don’t hassle with scoops. However, these pet parents end up spending way more money on litter. The reason why they spend more money is that they are dumping all of the litter out. Some of the litter in the box is still usable. However, some cat parents just don’t care. They don’t like scooping out boxes and they don’t mind paying more money for the litter. And some pet parents will put enough litter in a box so their cat can use it but not too much where they are being wasteful. Still, they are paying more money for litter than they should when using a scoop.


When Should a Pet Owner Change out All of Their Kitty Litter?

The above information was needed to help explain when you should completely clean out your cat’s litter box. First, your cat’s litter box doesn’t need to be completely cleaned out on a daily basis. If you’re constantly scooping away the litter at least every other day, it should be fine for a few weeks. Also, if you’re the type of cat owner that simply wants to dump your litter every day, your litter box should not be that dirty.

Still, veterinarians recommend cleaning litter boxes at least once every two weeks. Some vets will say you should clean them at least once a week and others say once a month. The key to figuring out when is the best time to clean out your cat’s litter box has to do with the following factors listed below.

how often to change cat litter box

A. How many cats do you have?

Cat owners that have 1 – 2 cats will usually be okay cleaning out their litter boxes once every 2 weeks. This should be sufficient for standard cats that use the bathroom on a regular basis. If you have 3 or more cats, you should clean out a litter box every week. However, if you have 3 or more cats; vets strongly recommend that people have 2 or more litter boxes.

Having the extra litter boxes is necessary for containing the waste material that 3 cats will produce. If you have 3 or more cats, then you will need to clean out the boxes at least once a week or once every week and a half.

B. Special Considerations

Some cats don’t use the bathroom as much as would expect. This doesn’t mean that they are not using the bathroom at all or that something is wrong with them. It simply means that some cats just don’t use the bathroom that much. If you have a cat (or cats) that are like this, you won’t have to frequently clean out the litter box.

Also, if you have a cat that uses the bathroom a lot, you might have to clean out the box more often than you would like. The best thing to do is to closely monitor your cat’s bathroom habits for at least a month. You should then make a cleaning schedule that fits into their bathroom habits.

C. What type of litter are you using?

Another important point for cleaning out litter boxes has to do with litter. Pet owners that use a cheap litter material will probably have to clean out their cat’s box a lot. There are paper litter materials, and they work like toilet paper. They do the job, but they tend to be messier than regular clay litter. Some non-clumping litter brands don’t absorb urine as they should.

Sometimes, cat owners will notice that pools of urine are sitting at the bottom of the box. When they encounter a problem like this, they have to dump the whole entire box and clean it out. The type of litter being used for a litter box will make a difference with cleaning the whole entire unit. Sometimes, you will have to pay more for the best litter brands. Paying the extra money can be a good thing in this situation. The extra expense will help you to save more money and time cleaning out your cat’s box.


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Ultimately, you should clean out your feline’s litter box at some point. Remember, fecal and urine matter will build up over time when your cat’s box hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned out. Completely cleaning the box will help your cat stay healthier and it will also control the strong odors that accompany cat waste.