How to Get Rid of Kitty Litter Smell?

Keeping our houses clean and smelling fresh is a part of our daily obligation. Cats are the most popular and loved pets in many homes all over the world, while on the other hand, cats have a great reputation for being neat and clean which can be attributed to their popular pet-love. However, the bad odor from the kitty litter can destroy all the great reputation, but this would be after your failure as a pet parent.

Honestly, nobody likes the bad smell from the kitty litter box, not even the cats themselves. Research has it that 10% of the cats stop using the cat litters due to bad odor and unclean litters. Having this in mind, note that cats have stronger olfactory senses that are 14 times stronger than yours, therefore, it is important to make sure that the litter smells good. This article is going to provide you with tips on how to get rid of the kitty litter smell and keep your house smelling fresh always.

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How to Get Rid of Kitty Litter Smell?

1. Scoop daily.

Generally, the first and best way to get rid of kitty litter smell is to get rid of the source of the smell. To achieve a clean and bad odor free cat litter, scoop every time your cat uses the litter and clean the box regularly, at least twice a day. This will not only get rid of the smell but also make your cat happy as well as your nose.

In this case, clumping litters are the best as you can easily scoop the waste and keep the litter clean. Also, ensure that your kitty litter is well spacious with fewer deposits, this is to ensure that your cat will love and use the litter. Also, for automatic scooping litter boxes, make sure that your cat is comfortable with the automatic scooping noise. This will help in ensuring that your cat does not find other places, which would mean that some of the wastes will be left unattended.

2. Clean thoroughly.

Despite getting rid of the source of the smell, that is your cat’s waste, make sure that you clean the box thoroughly. Scooping the cat’s waste on a daily basis makes it easy to clean the boxes when it’s time. However, in the case where you wash the box on a monthly basis, then make sure that you clean and scrub the box thoroughly.

When cleaning your cat’s litter box, simply use clean water and soap only. This is because the smell from other cleaning chemicals and bleaches can result in your cat avoiding the box and finding other places. Finally, dry the boxes properly and add fresh litter.

3. Place the litter box in a well-ventilated location.

Yes, litter boxes should not be placed in an open location where anyone can see the cat doing her business, as well as a busy location. But this doesn’t mean that you place them in small and less ventilated locations, instead, they should be placed in well-ventilated locations for maximum air circulation. Placing the cat litter in a place with little ventilation will only worsen your problem.

Also, in the case where you have two or more boxes, place them in different positions in your house. This is to help control the odor. In case the situation or environment around one box does not allow the cat to use the litter at that time, then there is another option to use. However, by placing all of them in one position, the cat will consider all of them as one.

4. Change the type of litter.

The type of kitty litter that you use plays a crucial role in controlling the kitty litter odor. To know the best type of litter, you can use different textures and brands in different types of boxes to see which combination does best in masking the odor. However, clay-based clumping litters mostly consist of better smell blockers compared to other eco-friendly litters.

Generally, most litters consist of inbuilt odor blockers that include different formulations and/or baking soda. It is important to note that cats generally don’t love strong scents, and different cats react differently to different scents. Therefore, the best idea is to go for cat litters with odorless odor blockers.

ways of getting rid of kitty litter smell

5. Adding baking soda to the litter.

Mixing baking soda with the cat litter can help get rid of the kitty litter smell. Baking soda is a great option and a natural deodorizer for your cat litter box, which helps in absorbing the cat urine odors. The good thing about baking soda is that it is non-toxic and safe for cats. However, while buying baking soda for your cat litter, avoid the scented options. Also, despite adding soda, scooping the litter and washing thoroughly is not compromisable.

6. Consult your feline nutritionist or vet about your cat’s diet.

Just as the saying goes “you know what you eat”, it also applies to your cat too. The cat’s diet can directly affect the smell and the amount of the cat’s urine and feces. Therefore, in case your cat’s wastes smell extremely bad, then you can consult a feline nutritionist or vet on the same to get the best recommendation for your cat’s diet. Giving your cat a safe and healthy diet can help in getting a solution to the foul kitty litter smell.

7. Use the right air freshener.

Air fresheners can be used to get rid of the kitty litter smell. While buying your air freshener, whether for home use or cat litter, consider a non-toxic air freshener that works by eliminating the odor molecules instead of masking them. Those that mask the odor molecules are not a permanent solution as the smell will come back when they wear off. While those that work by changing the molecule structure of the odor molecules through bonding works efficiently and permanently. These products can be obtained from pet and health stores.

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In conclusion, the above article consists of various ways of getting rid of the kitty litter smell, which is both friendly to you and your cat. Remember that while trying to keep your house free from kitty litter odors, it is important to know that your cat’s comfort and health come first. This is because in case the cat feels uncomfortable with your decision, it will opt to avoid the litter which will just worsen the problem.