Why Do Cats Bring You Toys? 4 Interesting Reasons

Why do cat brings you toy-image from pixabay by rihaij
Why does a cat bring you a dead mouse or a live lizard as a gift? What is the explanation for this behavior? And why don’t they offer their owners deceased lizards or live mice as gifts? There are many unconfirmed reasons for the question “why do cats bring you toys.”
Cats enjoy playing, which is no news. They go to great lengths to offer their owners something lovely, such as toys, feathers, paper balls, and so on. Most people believe this behavior stems from the animal’s hunting instinct. Why would your pet consider bringing prey into your house rather than just killing it? Because if the aim was to give his owner a gift, why wouldn’t he simply kill and consume it in peace later on his own?


Although most people believe that cats perform this behavior to form a bond with their owners, there is no data to support this idea. If you ask your veterinarian why your pet brings you things that it obtained from the outside, he or she will almost certainly say it is to connect with you. Because it feels lonely. It has been demonstrated time and time again that when cats are left alone, they become lonely. This state generally occurs at night, on weekends, and on holidays. There was even a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in 2004, which sought to understand why cats spend more time alone at home than dogs do. The findings demonstrated that cats miss their owners when they are not around, but canines do not mind being left alone as much.
On the other hand, why would your cat offer you a dead lizard if it wanted to connect with you? As we’ve previously stated, there is no simple answer as to why cats do this and why they don’t bring their owner’s similar presents. 


Another explanation is that your cat brings you objects like toys and feathers rather than actual prey because he or she is bored and wants to play. Pets, much like children who prefer playing alone to being forced to do so by parents. They often feel considerably happier when they are able to act on their own terms. If this is the case, then why does your pet bother bringing a toy rather than simply enjoying its own fun? Again, there is no simple answer as to why cats do this and why they don’t bring their owners anything like a dead lizard or a live mouse. 
why do cats brings you toy-image from pixabay by Nichola_Demetriades
why do cats bring you toy-image from pixabay by Nichola_Demetriades

Mixed Signals

Why does it happen when your cat visits the doctor and comes home with something? One theory is that cats just can’t resist playing with prey, even if they end up murdering it in the end. They become interested after seeing their prey twitch for a time, but then lose interest once it becomes motionless. What happens next? Your pet thinks you’ll be more interested now that it’s given you a “present.” After all, why would your cat risk catching something just to have it go unappreciated later?
One theory for why your pet gives you gifts may be that it has more than one motivation. Perhaps this is why cats don’t give their owners similar presents, because they just can’t make up their minds why to do so. 


As mentioned above, why would your cat even bother trying to catch something if he knows that his owner will get mad at him for bringing home dead prey? Although most people claim that felines like to present their owners with prey in order to bond with them, there are no statistics that back up these claims. One other explanation why your kitty acts like this could be that they simply don’t know why they do it in the first place.
It is very possible that cats seem to bring their owners “gifts” because they simply don’t know why they do it. They also don’t understand why they don’t bring similar presents as well. Cats are not known for being predictable creatures, and this could be why their behavior appears like a “mixed signal”. Even if your pet thinks that he knows why he does such things, there is no way of proving to him otherwise unless you find some sort of explanation why felines act like this.


 Hunting skills

The most illogical reason why cats give you gifts is that they want to show how great a hunter they are. He’s giving you something he caught himself in order to get praised by his owner for being such a wonderful mouser who always manages to put supper on the table.
Why do cats bring you toys-image frm pixabay by schauhi
Why do cats bring you toys-image from pixabay by schauhi

Strength and Power

In other circumstances, cats bring their owner’s dead lizards or mice to demonstrate their power and strength. Why wouldn’t he just leave his “present” in your house without drawing attention to it is a question? However, the most logical explanation for why they do it is because he shouldn’t have brought you anything that might be harmful to you in the first place.
There are a number of reasons why cats don’t bring their owners things like dead lizards or live mice. To begin with, why would a cat play with its food before killing it? As we previously stated, the goal is to offer his owner supper and not to have fun with it. Another explanation for why cats do not bring their people such “gifts” is that he does not want to expose his owner to anything that might be harmful. 
Some believe that cats don’t bring their owner’s dead lizards or live mice because they are guarding something of value. There are several reasons why cats wouldn’t bring their owner’s dead lizards or live mice. Why would a cat play with his supper before killing it? We previously stated that the goal is to offer lunch and not play games with it, for his owner. Another reason why cats don’t give their owners things is that they may be harmful to their owners. This is why, for example, cats give their owners toys and don’t consider bringing their owners things like a live mouse or a dead lizard in the first place.
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